Get your Terminator Too Judgment Play tickets here. Do it... NOOOOWWWWWW!!



WARNING!  READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY YOUR TICKETS!! This is not a traditional theater show. It will get wild, you will get wet, and cast members may harass you!!  We offer ponchos at the door to protect you from the “elements” of the show, but we cannot guarantee that they will keep you completely dry, so leave the fancy duds at home, or don’t come crying to us when your  Vera Wang gets damp. If you are looking for something more traditional we suggest you head to the Orpheum. If you are  easily offended, can’t take a joke, or think that theater has to be taken extremely seriously, then this probably isn’t the show for you. We are cool with that and have fun at Mary Poppins! Having said all that if you want to laugh your ass off, party down, and have the time of your life...THEN BRING IT BITCHES!!!!!!